Ronald Ng

Welcome to Baron Junior Music Academy & Baron School of Music’s Hong Kong Arts Centre branch

When I founded Baron School of Music four years ago, my goal was to provide a platform for musical genius to shine from a young age. Over the years, Baron has nourished many musical talents, and I believe this is the right time for Baron to grow and to help more musically gifted young people flourish.

A well-structured foundation is vital to the development of every individual, from childhood to adulthood. What we learn in our early years often has a long-lasting impact later on in our lives, shaping us into what we are today. Our specialists and I are the perfect examples.

What does it mean to be musically gifted? I strongly believe that receiving the right education in the early years is the key to success. The earlier one starts, the better. Learning about important values in the early years will help one build a positive outlook later on in one’s life.

It was my wish to work with educational psychologists who are specialists in their field of child development to establish a well-structured music education program that focuses on bringing out the very the best in each child, and nourishing not only music sense, but also the mind. This is how Little Green Music program was born. Under proper guidance and care, we hope our young music students will build a strong foundation in music which will benefit them when they move on to more advanced learning, and at the same time, build an emotionally balanced, healthy and positive mind which will benefit them in the future.

I’d like to express my sincere thanks to Mrs Eva Sum and her team of educational psychologists who have given us invaluable professional advice and enormous support during the development of Little Green Music Program.

Our Baron Junior Music Academy graduates who have completed the Little Green Music Program will have achieved the following through different positive values instilled in the program:

• Concentration 
• Confidence
• Patience
• Discipline
• Social skills
• Communication skills
• Emotional stability
• Motivation
• Creativity
• Individuality

Enjoy your musical adventure. Let the fun flow where the music grows.