Little Green Explorers (Aged 2.5-3.5) Back to

Young children around three years of age are able to use simple speech for expressing their ideas and needs.  They have stronger memory which allows them to recall simple rhymes.  They are also able to associate certain sounds with certain musical instruments.  They have better control of emotion and are more aware of social relationship, both with adults and other children.  They start approaching others. They will have a greater response to music and are able to reproduce simple songs, which further enhances their language development and emotional regulation.

Students will develop listening skills, learning to imitate rhythm and experience feelings in relation to sounds, and express these ideas and skills through music. We will experience changing tempo and dynamics and major and minor keys, and externalize these elements through movement and imitation. Students will create their own instruments using seeds, beads, rice and beans, and use them to interpret and express themselves.

Students will receive a picture songbook with age appropriate activities and CD with songs written especially for the level they have enrolled.