Little Green Preschoolers (Aged 3.5-4.5) Back to

Children at this stage are able to express more freely with increased vocabulary.  They are able to understand a short story, to do simple counting and to solve simple problems.  The concept of rules for games and social interactions gradually develops.  Thus they start to grasp simple ideas from songs with stories or moral values.  Increasing physical coordination enables children of this age to demonstrate awareness of beat and tempo.  They can echo rhythms and pitches, and can memorize short songs.  They also love group plays with other children which is a good time for developing friendship with age peers.

Students will be introduced to rhythmic patterns and practice echoing the sounds and syllables. They will learn to keep a steady beat, and instruments will be used to help keep a beat whilst singing a song. They will explore their favorite songs through dance and movement, and older students will be encouraged to lead the group. Different musical instrument families and their repertoire will be introduced.

Students will receive a picture songbook with age appropriate activities and CD with songs written especially for the level they have enrolled.