Little Green Toddlers (Aged 1.5-2.5) Parent-Child class Back to

Young children of this stage start to develop stronger motor abilities and will start developing speech.  They are eager to interact with people and surroundings by their growing abilities.  Such interaction will facilitate their cognitive development and they will learn at a very rapid pace.  They are more aware of music and can easily remember simple songs and musical rhymes.  They enjoy action rhymes that allow them to express themselves through rhythm and bodily movements.  This is also a stage when children start exploring their voices which is a crucial foundation of singing at later stages.

We will encourage students to actively listen and participate with the music, through copying and learning, free creative expression, experimenting with pitch, movement, and repetition. Children will be guided as they express the music with their body and voice, and parents will help as they tap, clap, roll, march and sway to the beat. Instruments such as bells, rattles, shakers and tambourines will be introduced, and colorful props like scarves, balloons and stuffed animals will be used.

Students will receive a picture songbook with age appropriate activities and CD with songs written especially for the level they have enrolled.