At Baron Junior Music Academy, children learn through play and exploration, your child will gain broad and fun learning experiences. Our school offers various programs to nurture young talents and shape them into all-rounded youngsters!
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Aged 1.5-6


A multiple intelligence music program developed by music educators and  educational psychologists. Young students build musical sense and knowledge  through our specially designed activities.

  • Little Green Music
Aged 3.5 - 6


Music playing enriches lives, cultivate your child’s interest in music through our instrumental programs!

  • Little Multi-Instrumentalist
  • Little Pianists
  • Junior Ukulelists
  • Little Cellists
  • Private Musical Instrument Courses ( Piano / Violin / Cello / Harp / Ukulele)
Aged 3 - 6


Baron Choir aims at providing students opportunities to participate in various performances. Choir members will sing various styles of songs include: Canton Pop, Broadway, Musical, A cappella and so on.

  • Baron Junior Choir
Aged 8 - 12


Junior Vocal Techniques is being organized in order to provide proper vocal training to our youngsters. This vocal class aims at enabling the participants to learn and master correct vocal technique at an early age, and to liberate, strengthen and beautify their voices. We strongly encourage your children to take advantage of this opportunity.

Aged 1.5-2.5


Within one program, your kids will attend lessons including Singing and body movements, arts & crafts, storytelling and child development. Explore your children’s talent through this diversified program!

  • Happy Toddlers

Aged 2.5-6


Through training with Music Intelligence and Smart Ear courses, children can improve and assess their aural skills and rhythmic sense in the most efficient way.

  • Music Intelligence

Aged 4-12


Explore your kid’s potential with our inspiring singing and dance programs, let your little pop stars shine on stage!

  • Little Performers
  • Little Musical Performers
  • Little Pop Singers
  • Little Tap Dancers
  • Little Jazz Dancers
Aged 3-4 / 4-6


Let our arts programs bring out the imagination and creativity in your kids. Enjoy the fun of art making!

  • Music Painters