Sophie Gonzalez - 2.8 years old

Many students are curious in playing different new instruments, yet it is crucial to build up their sense of sharing and learn to take turns. Sophie has always shown her patience in following teacher’s instructions, as well as playing and joining in with other classmates. After some time, Sophie also began to be more independent, she is good at imitating what the teacher played and sang during class.

Congratulations Sophie, being our "Star Student", we are delighted to see your gradual improvement.
    Man Tsz Him - 2 years old

It is always hard for little kids to concentrate and follow teachers’ instructions in class. Tsz Him has shown us his great improvement on concentration during class. Besides, Tsz Him has improved a lot with his social and communication skills, in which he blends very well into class every time.

Congratulations Tsz Him! It is our honor to announce Tsz Him as our "Star Student". We are happy to see you grow and hope that you can learn and explore more in the coming classes!
    Ng Hei Lam - 3.6 years old

Being an active student in class, Hei Lam was well behaved and has shown her patience in following teacher’s instructions. Additionally, she was able to control her emotion and show her confidence and individuality in class. Through taking part in different activities, Hei Lam has developed her good sense of rhythm and pitches. We could see Hei Lam is growing tremendously both in her character and musicality.

Congratulations Hei Lam! We have chosen you to be our "Star Student". We hope to see your improvement in the coming future!
    Rock Kwong - 3.5 years old

After taking our Music Exploring Workshop, Rock has shown us his good sense of curiosity in class. Apart from learning different music concepts, Rock has also developed his good communication skills and body coordination which enable him to blend into every class easily. He is very active in class and he likes exploring different things with teacher. Congratulations Rock, our "Star Student", we know you will continue to explore and have more fun in class!
    Kelly Chung - 3.5 years old

Many students feel nervous when learning a new skill for the first time. When Kelly began taking our Music Exploring Workshop, she often was a quiet student, and felt a little shy about joining in and using the instruments.

After some time, Kelly began to cultivate her sense of rhythm, creating a steady beat with ease. Watching Kelly during class now, I am delighted to see that she can play percussion all by her self!

Congratulations Kelly, our "Star Student", on growing to be independent, and we know she is able to achieve much more by herself in the future.
    Kristan – 3.5 years old

As a teacher, it is delightful to see students making progress and improving as they grow. Kristen is one student who has really begun to realize his potential.

When Kristan first joined our Music Exploring Workshop, he felt quite shy about playing the instruments. It was evident that he was also very curious, and over time, Kristan has responded to our guidance and encouragement. He has made great improvements, and now uses the instruments in a fun and imaginative way; he even helps the other students in the class!

Congratulations Kristan, on his becoming our "Star Student", and we hope to see him continue to grow!