Clayton Ho
  “My son, Clayton Ho, enjoys the music class in Baron Junior Music Academy. He has joined “Little Green Music” for over year already and still looking forward to attending the class every week. Everyday he keeps singing the songs learnt from Baron, I can feel his happiness and participation in the every classes. It is my deepest appreciation and thank you so much to Baron and all the instructors.”

Mrs Ho, Clayton’s Mother
Nicola Della Pietra
  "My son, Nicola's bright eyes and big smile when he comes out of his music class tells me that he is really enjoying the classes at the Baron School. And the classes definitely brought out my son's interest into music as well as performing(singing). I believe it comes from the professional background of the teachers and also the unique method of introducing the world of music to young children. The Baron School is great place for young children to lean music"

Sayaka, Nicola’s mother
Beatrix Yan
  “The music class in Baron Music is specially designed for young kids to foster a love of music. Apart from dancing, singing and physical movement, I am impressed that my 4-year-old daughter Beatrix can have a chance to play different instruments like cello, violin, and learn different variety of music from well-trained instructor with innovative training technique. I am glad that Beatrix shows her enthusiasm and interest for the class.”

Vivien, Beatrix’s mother
Lukas Yau
  “The junior music program provided a broad and fun learning experience for my son. The instructors brought out my son’s interests and potential. This is a great place to introduce kids to the world of music.”

Lukas, aged 5, has completed Music Exploring Workshop Level I & II, Pre-individual Music Class and Around the World in 12 Days.

Lillian, Luka’s mother
Maddalena Disalvo
  “I like the innovative teaching methods that Baron provides. It arouses children’s musical sense through an interactive environment. For instance, the teacher led the children into a musical jamming session using different styles such as rock and jazz that captured Maddalena’s interest.  It was wonderful for Maddalena to find different ways of expressing herself with different music.   We continue to encourage her development through the courses, and the nurture of her creativity in music.”
Louisa, Maddalena's mother
Alisha Fung
  “The teachers at Baron School of Music are all well trained. They have helped Alisha to develop her musical talents from a young age. Very young students sometimes have difficulty sustaining focus, but the teachers at Baron help Alisha to enjoy and focus on the lesson. After lessons, they show me the lesson progress, which allows me be involved in my child's' studies. Baron can surely broaden my child’s vision and allow Alisha and me to enjoy the learning path together.”
Grace, Alisha’s mother
Ryan Chow
  Ryan, aged 3, has completed Music Exploring Workshop I & II, and studying Pre-individual Music Class. The Teachers at Baron School of Music are all well-trained and have professional knowledge of childhood education. Ryan has experienced a big change from being a shy boy who did not love singing into a child full of musical sense. Due to taking lessons, Ryan has become interested in some instrument and actively discusses the musical topics learned during lesson. We hope that the instructors continue to bring out and develop the children’s musical potential.
Mrs Chow, Ryan’s mother